Is my email blacklisted?

Is my email blacklisted?

What is an e-mail blacklist?

E-Mail Blacklists are ever updated lists of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as well as domain names whom are accused or either sending spam or violating e-mail security standards. They are managed by a variety of individuals and organisations and many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and e-mail administrators will bounce, block or simply erase messages from addresses on blacklists. Each E-Mail blacklist

How did I get on an e-mail blacklist?

The most likely cause for being added to an e-mail blacklist is that one of your recipients reported you to an ISP, E-Mail provider or blacklist administrator, although there are numerous ways of getting added – this is the most common. A lot this claims are unfounded and following best practices for opt-in e-mail is not a guarantee you won’t end up blacklisted. Sometimes, just one complaint from a person who forgot they opted-in to receive an e-mail could see you being blocked from thousands of e-mail addresses.

How do I go about getting off an e-mail blacklist?

Most major e-mail blacklists have either a set procedure for removal or will remove your from their list after a certain amount of time as elapsed. For the latter, just as SpamCop, try to avoid sending any more e-mails during the time you are listed, this will speed up your removal. For other lists, you will need to follow the instructions and procedure as specified by the list administrator. Unfortunately, there are some lists which are near impossible to be removed from. These lists are generally minor and will not effect your mailings.