How to find out if your email is blacklisted

How to find out if your email is blacklisted

Email black lists have been around since the late 1990’s and protect millions of email addresses world wide. Some of the black lists out there are pretty good and they serve a good purpose. Others have a deserved reputation of being overzealous to the point of blocking too much good email and can be ignored. There are many different types of black lists too. Some are for pure spam, others because an IP range is only for home ISP services and shouldn’t have SMTP servers sending email. If you run a mail server and especially if you run a mailing list of any sort there’s a good chance eventually you’ll end up on one of these black lists from time to time. Knowing what list you’re on is critical to being able to deliver important email messages to your customers, clients, friends, and family. When your domain or ip addresses are on a blocklist it can cut your email delivery by as much as 70%.

How Email Blacklist Works

An real-time database called the email blacklist that can define if an email server with hosted domain name or IP address is sending spam emails. There are many blacklists that can prevent user’s mailboxes from spam. There is a fact that blacklists are automated and independent systems. Due to many reasons they can do mistake and define good senders as bad.  You should to know more about how blacklists are working, that knowledge can improve your MTA reputation and deliverability.

For better understanding it is better to look at simple diagram listed below:

how does blacklist work diagram

All incoming emails are checking in blacklist databases if IP address included on its list.

ISP’s MTA is receiving the information from databases and make decision & control deliverability process.

You should manually check if your IP was added to a blacklist is your mail server doesn’t provide alerts. There are more than 100 blacklists and can start checking with more popular DNSBL. Here is the list with well known blacklists:

  1. Spamhaus
  2. Barracuda
  3. SORBS
  4. Spamcop
  5. MultiRBL