Select the tool for sending email messages

Select the tool for sending email messages

Many online projects face a choice: what to use to send email messages – SMTP server or specialized service for email marketing. Undoubtedly, each solution has its advantages and the choice will depend on the goals, the expected results of email communication, the content of letters and the resources available in the company. Let’s consider the main features of each solution.

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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) / network protocol for sending e-mail is just a tool for mass mail delivery. If a company has a website, then it can use, for example, an SMTP server hosting. There are also a large number of services that offer SMTP servers for rent to send emails.

The main advantage of using SMTP-server is the low cost of sending letters – usually several times lower than the cost of services of mailing services.

In addition, the subscriber database is stored on your server and is not transferred to the party. With the proper management of the SMTP server, you can set up a fairly high percentage of mail delivery. But just using such a solution will require you to involve not only a professional IT specialist, but also a designer and layout designer, since you will need to create a template yourself and prepare the content of the letter.

Of the disadvantages of this solution, first of all, it should be noted that there is no opportunity for segmentation, personalization of content and analysis of the results of the campaign. So, even to track the number of openings and clicks on emails sent via SMTP-server is quite difficult.

Also, sometimes there is a problem with the speed of delivery because of the restrictions on the number of messages sent or server overload, which can be critical when sending letters with special offers with a limited period of validity.

In addition, if from the same IP SMTP server can send letters from several companies, that is, there is a risk of getting your letters in the spam in the unfair work of any of the companies. Increases the risk of getting into spam and the absence of a tool that handles delivery errors and complaints about spam.

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The email marketing platform is specifically designed to manage email mailings and therefore has a number of obvious advantages.

Dedicated IP address, built-in hygiene tools of your database (removal of incorrect, nonexistent or spam-addressed addresses), automatic subscription-unsubscription management significantly reduces your risks of blocking your emails by postal providers. In the event that your newsletter is still spammed, the support service of your mailing list provider should come to your rescue!

Many mailing services allow you to easily create or use ready-made mobile devices adapted for mobile devices, letter templates, which means that the user of the service usually does not need to have html knowledge to prepare the letter.

The professional level email marketing platform usually provides a large set of tools for segmenting the subscriber base based on any parameters passed to the service, the service itself about the subscriber’s actions with the letter or a combination of these parameters.

An important advantage is the ability to get a detailed report on the results of sending each campaign. This is not only data on open letters, the number of transitions. For example, the Ofsys platform also displays data on the most clickable links in the email, opening time statistics, devices on which the message was viewed, sales and mailing list conversions, and much more. Thus, the email marketing platform provides much more opportunities to manage email marketing than sending via SMTP.

A platform for email marketing or SMTP?

SMTP Service for email marketing
Sending large amounts of messages +
Creation / library of ready-made letter templates +
Processing of delivery errors, hygiene support of the list of subscribers +
Subscriber base management, segmentation, personalization of content, etc. +
Statistics on the results of the newsletter, a set of reports Limited
Configuring message chains, a / b tests +